Build the City Magazine: a collection of evidence-based practices

ECF initiated Build the City to highlight innovative civil-public partnerships in broader Europe that have solved urban challenges. The 26 practices highlighted in this publication are civil-public partnerships based on principles of the commons, i.e. enabling citizens and governments to share power, co-design and co-shape legislation, management or collective action for the common good. Download a copy of the Build the City Magazine and join the conversation on ECF Labs

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Build the City Towards a Practice-Based Manifesto

On 25 February, we have launched our Build the City, Towards a Practice-Based Manifesto
during our Co-creating the City event at Pakhuis de Zwijger. Download your copy now and join the conversation on our dedicated Lab. 

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Another Europe: the Book

Since our beginnings in the 1950s, ECF has been pursuing the idea of a Europe that goes beyond historical, cultural and political borders and proposes new ways of doing things. The Europe ECF imagines extends well beyond the EU, embracing the countries that touch our borders to the east and to the south. These guiding principles run through the pages of our new publication Another Europe, which brings together a treasure trove of insights and experiences from partners and participants working with us in the European Neighbourhood over the past 15 years. 

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Build the City: perspectives on commons and culture

Published in the frame of ECF's Idea Camp 2015, Build the City: perspectives on commons and culture rediscovers, reframes and reconsiders previously published historical, artistic, participatory and theoretical perspectives on the subject by a wide variety of authors from different geographical and professional backgrounds.

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CPRA 2011: Cultural policy frameworks (re)constructing national and supranational identities: The Balkans and the European Union

During a time when the idea of Europe, and the EU in particular, is tainted with economic crisis and democratic decline, Aleksandar Brkić’s analysis of the role of cultural networks in helping Europe serve people is both a wake-up call for European authorities which support cultural networks and a tool for cultural networks themselves to check that they are fulfilling their European and intercultural remit as well as they should.

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CPRA 2010: European Capitals of Culture and Everyday Cultural Diversity: A Comparison of Liverpool (UK) and Marseilles (France), March 2013

This publication is the result of the 7th Cultural Policy Research Award in 2010.

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Guide to Citizen Participation in Local Cultural Policy Development for European Cities

Guide to Citizen Participation in Local Cultural Policy Development for European Cities, by Jordi Pascual and Sanijn Dragojevic, published by Interarts Foundation (Barcelona), ECUMEST Association (Bucharest) and ECF in 2007.

Downloads available in EnglishSpanishFrenchUkrainianRussian and Macedonian