Arts Management in Turbulent Times

Arts Management in Turbulent Times - Adaptable Quality Management, written by Milena Dragicevic Šesic and Sanjin Dragojevica, is a practical guide on Arts Management in regions in transition. Published in 2005, it is an important source for arts managers, cultural operators, cultural policy makers and others working in the field.

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Local Cultural Policies Handbook – Steps, Tools and Case studies

This publication pulls together new methodological tools and diverse practical experiences from civic participation in local cultural policy development from across Turkey. 

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Cultural Policies in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia

This publication provides an introduction to the realities of public cultural administration and policymaking. A pioneering tool for policymakers and practitioners, both in the region and in the West.

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Managing Diversity? Art and [The Art Of] Organisational Change

Managing Diversity? Art and [The Art Of] Organisational Change by ECF explores the complexity of managing diversity through essays and stories by practitioners in the arts and cultural field. Neither Here or There explores diversity through art - through the eye of Ahmet Polat who focuses on photographing diversity in society. This compilation of two books is a co-production of the ECF, Ahmet Polat (Fatush Productions) and publishing house Mets & Schilt Publishers, 2008. If you like to obtain a copy of this publication, please contact Lise Mathol, lmathol[@]