Build the City: perspectives on commons and culture

Published in the frame of ECF's Idea Camp 2015, Build the City: perspectives on commons and culture rediscovers, reframes and reconsiders previously published historical, artistic, participatory and theoretical perspectives on the subject by a wide variety of authors from different geographical and professional backgrounds.

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Culture Report / EUNIC yearbook 2014-15

Europe: Closed Doors or Open Arms? The Culture Report/EUNIC Yearbook 2014/2015 discusses migration into Europe, inviting a string of renowned scholars, authors and writers, including Umberto Eco, Francis Fukuyama, Bassam Tibi, Zygmunt Baumann, Richard Sennett, Slavenka Drakulić, Claus Leggewie and Mely Kiyak, to share their views.  

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Remixing Europe: unveiling the imagery of migrants in European media

REMIXING EUROPE is a publication unveiling the imagery of migrants in European media. It is a Doc Next Network publication, produced in the framework of Remapping Europe, A Remix Project Highlighting the Migrant’s Perspective. This investigative and artistic project explores the tools and concepts of remixing media as a method to re-view, re-investigate and re-consider prevailing imageries of migrants in European societies.

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Converging Pathways to New Knowledge

Converging Pathways to New Knowledge, which brings together online and offline conversations facilitated by LabforCulture and Kennisland, looks at the different ways we are all experiencing what can be termed a “digital shift”. The conversations, that include contributions from leading thinkers in science, technology, creative industries and business, consider how our knowledge building has been affected by the digital shift and give both insight and examples of these shifts. Contributors include Ken Arnold, Wellcome Trust(UK); Olivier Schulbaum, Platoniq (ES) and Floor van Spaendonck, Virtueel Platform (NL) ingeniously pulled together by Martijn Arnoldus, Kennisland (NL). Published 2010.


ZONA is a publication formed around a project looking to raise awareness of the impact of borders on the lives of Europeans and to promote internationally talented young photographers and journalists from Eastern Europe. 

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