Introduction to the 10 years of STEP Beyond Travel Grants eBook

The tenth anniversary of ECF’s Step Beyond Travel Grants programme in 2013 represented a milestone. It was a moment to look back at our results so far but also, more importantly, to start looking ahead at the years to come and the changes we hope to catalyse. This publication takes a look at the past, present and future, and gives a voice to the people involved in the programme as well.

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Dwarfing of Europe? Vol. 2 - A dialogue between Brazil, India, China and Europe

In this second of the series Dwarfing of Europe? publication, we turn to the so-called ‘emerging economies’. At a time when the European Union – and indeed the whole continent – is going through an identity crisis that goes much deeper than the financial crisis, Europe can no longer reflect on itself just by looking inwards. This collection of essays sheds new light on Europe’s many dilemmas and, by broadening the debate, encourages new understanding of the fundamental issues underlying these dilemmas. 

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Managing Diversity? Art and [The Art Of] Organisational Change

Managing Diversity? Art and [The Art Of] Organisational Change by ECF explores the complexity of managing diversity through essays and stories by practitioners in the arts and cultural field. Neither Here or There explores diversity through art - through the eye of Ahmet Polat who focuses on photographing diversity in society. This compilation of two books is a co-production of the ECF, Ahmet Polat (Fatush Productions) and publishing house Mets & Schilt Publishers, 2008. If you like to obtain a copy of this publication, please contact Lise Mathol, lmathol[@]