Ivan Krastev in conversation with Philipp Dietachmair - Part 4

We continue our conversation with Ivan Krastev in this fourth instalment of a five-part interview. After we looked back at what the past 15 years have meant for the building of democratic European communities in part 1, we dove into the issues around the real division between people within our societies across the continent in part 2 and looked at concrete examples of this division across different countries in Europe in part 3. We now explore the possibilities of finding a new language.

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Diversities in Perspective

Diversities in Perspective, essays written by Ghislaine Glasson Deschaumes with the ECF, (2007/2008). These essays give a reflection on cultural cooperation between the EU and its neighbouring regions. The collection of essays is available for download in English and French.

Visions of Cultural Policy in the Kaliningrad Region

Visions of Cultural Policy in the Kaliningrad Region, published by Tranzit (Agency for the Support of Cultural Initiatives), Kaliningrad and the Kaliningrad branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts in 2006. Download here.