TANDEM Ukraine: 28 organisations selected

Following a jury selection, 12 Tandems have been invited to the main phase of the TANDEM programme 'Dialogue for Change', a new TANDEM programme launched in September 2014 to support cultural organisations building cross-border partnerships between Ukraine and EU. 

Tandem Ukraine.jpg

Since the Partner Forum in Lviv in November 2014, where 20 Ukrainian cultural change makers met up with 20 of their EU-based counterparts, 17 collaboration proposals were submitted to the TANDEM jury. They selected 12 Tandems, including 2 trios and 1 double Tandem, to continue to the main phase of the programme. The collaboration plans show promising partnerships that can support social cohesion and civic engagement through innovative, cross-border arts projects.

Below is a list of the selected Tandems, you can find more information on their collaboration plans on TANDEM exchange's People & Projects page.

  • Roșa Collective - Natalia Anol (Chernivtsi) & CADAM - (Juliane Rahn (München) & 54°+- Kotryna Valiukevičiūtė (Kaunas)
  • Theatre na Zhukah - Dmytro Ternovyi (Kharkiv) & BeFrank Theatre Company - Tommy Lexen (London)
  • Cultural dialogue - Iryna Kats    (Kremenchuk) & Communa - Viktoriya Myronyuk (Brussels)
  • Shelter+ - Aleksandr Romancha (Krivyi Rih) & Roundhouse - Sylvia Harrison (London)
  • ARTPOLE AGENCY - Tetiana Manziuk (Kyiv) & Free Apples - Jindřich Krippner (Praha)
  • CANactions - Anastasiia Ponomarova (Kyiv) & European Geography Association (EGEA)- Niels Grootjans, Petronela Bordeianu, Jirka Konietzny (Utrecht)
  • Curatorial Collective of Lizaveta German and Maria Lanko - Maria Lanko (Kyiv) & Open Art Route Zuidoost - Irina Leifer (Amsterdam)
  • Izolyatsia - Mykhailo Glubokyi (Donetsk/Kyiv) & Beat Carnival - David Boyd (Belfast)
  • Open Place - Iuliia Kosterieva (Kyiv) & Melitopol Museum of Local History - Leila Ibrahimova (Melitopol) & Museum of Modern Art Warsaw - Jekatierina Szczeka (Warsaw)
  • Center for Urban History of East Central Europe - Andrii Linik (Lviv) & ART Optimists - Ievgeniia Dulko (Mykolajiv) & Igor Metropol - Lívia Nolasco-Rózsás (Budapest) & Truc sphérique - Katarína Gatialová (Žilina)
  • Shevchenkivskyi Gai - Ievgen Chervonyi (Lviv) & 4iS - Platform for Social Innovation - Tiago Vinagre de Castro (Aveiro)
  • Molotok - Tetiana Bielousova (Nyzhnie Selishche) & Culture Practitioners Association - Lena Rogowska (Lublin)

The group will meet in Germany from 11 to 15 February to officially kick-off their collaboration with workshops in Berlin and a cultural programme in Leipzig.

You can follow their stories on the TANDEM Facebook page!