Idea Camp 2017: Interview with Platoniq's Carmen Lozano Bright and Elena Silvestrini

ECF's third Idea Camp took place in Madrid from 1 to 3 March 2017, co-produced with our Connected Action for the Commons hub Platoniq and the City of Madrid. 

With its focus on “Moving Communities”, the 2017 Idea Camp follows an open call for daring ideas to build societies with greater equality, sustainability and solidarity, and a stronger sense of social justice. It is about communities on the move, communities in flux and also the power of people to “move” their communities through their progressive and creative ideas. The 2017 Idea Camp brought together 50 Idea Makers from 24 countries across Europe and its neighbouring regions.

Carmen Lozano Bright and Elena Silvestrini talk about Connected Action for the Commons, the Innovative City Development Meeting, the impact of the Idea Camp on Madrid and the working method of the Idea Camp.