Update following Copenhagen attacks | ECF condemns attacks on Charlie Hebdo

It has been barely a month since mourning the attacks in Paris, and now we are moved to deep sadness over the violence in Copenhagen, also directed towards a public event on free speech. ECF remains as resolute as ever in our dedication to freedom of expression and thought, and to supporting artists in difficult and challenging circumstances, across Europe and beyond. We stand in solidarity with artists, journalists, writers and everyone whose work and ideals help to build open, democratic and inclusive societies. We send our thoughts and sincere condolences to the families, friends and colleagues of those who were killed and wounded.

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Philippe Legrain - Keynote speech "In the EU We (Mis)trust: towards the European elections"

On 10 April 2014, together with De Balie we have organised a public debate about the EU and its future: “In the EU We (Mis)Trust: on the road to the European elections”. This debate was part of the New Pact for Europe project, that examines the challenges facing Europe today, and the strategic choices that need to be made. One of the keynote speakers was Philippe Legrain. You can download his speech from our Library.

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HRH Princess Laurentien's speech at the 2014 ECF Princess Margriet Award


Enrica Flores d'Arcais speaks at the press conference for Teatro Valle Occupato

A press conference was held at the Teatro Valle in Rome on 18 September 2013 to present the first foundation for the common good in Italy: Fondazione Teatro Valle Bene Comune – created by the occupants of the Teatro Valle Occupato. Enrica Flores d'Arcais, Head of Business Development and Communications at ECF, spoke during the event. 

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