Meet our team & supervisory board

The foundation office in Amsterdam brings together 14 different nationalities, working as a dedicated team on realizing ECF's mission and vision. Our supervisory board helps and guides us in achieving our goals.

ECF 27 maart 2019André Wilkens 1.jpg

André Wilkens
(DE) Director

20171204 Kati 1 kopiëren.jpg

Kati Visser-Telegdi
(NL/HU) Executive Secretary



20171204Vivian 2.jpg

Vivian Paulissen
(NL) Programme Manager Demos Europe


Philipp Dietachmair
(AT) Programme Manager Experience Europe

20171214 Olga 1.jpg

Olga Alexeeva
(NL/RU) Project Manager

20171205 Nicola kopiëren.jpg

Nicola Mullenger
(GB) Project Manager

20171204Jenneken 2  kopiëren.jpg

Jenneken Aarssen
(NL) Project Manager

Menno Weijs  (NL) Portfolio Holder

Menno Weijs
(NL) Project Manager

20171205 Alicja 1 kopiëren.jpg

Alicja Paszek
(DE/PL) Project Manager

20171204ECF3-Lore 1 kopiëren.jpg

Lore Gablier
(FR) Project Manager

20171204ECF3 Szilvia0 kopiëren.jpg

Szilvia Kochanowski
(HU) Project Manager

Sandra ecfweb 2019ECF172.jpg

Sandra Grziwa
(DE/PL) Project Officer

ECF 27 maart 2019ECF587.jpg

Nikola Pucarevic
(RS) Project Officer

ECF 10 april 2019337.jpg

Sabrina Stallone
(SW) Research Assistant


Public Policy

20171205 Isabelle 1 kopiëren.jpg

Isabelle Schwarz
(DE/FR) Head of Public Policy


Tsveta Andreeva
(BG) Senior Research & Development Officer

20171205 Marjolein 1 kopiëren.jpg

Marjolein Cremer
(NL) Senior Advocacy Officer

ECF 27 maart 2019ECF461.jpg

Violante Torre
(IT) Policy Officer


20171205ECF Lise kopiëren.jpg

Lise Mathol
(NL) Project Manager Communications / Team Leader Imagine


Eva Barneveld (NL)
Head of Communications

20171204ECF Friso kopiëren.jpg

Friso Wiersum
(NL) Project Manager Communications

20171204ECF-Marjo kopiëren.jpg

Marjo Borsboom
(NL) Communications Officer

Operations - HR, Facilities, IT

20171204ECF-Suus kopiëren.jpg

Susanne Mors
(DE) Head of Operations

20171204ECF-Jan 1 kopiëren.jpg

Jan Baas
(NL) Facility Manager

ECF 10 april 201936.jpg

Sophie Henderson
(NL/US) Office Manager


Khadija Temssamani
(NL) HR Advisor

Finance & Administration

20171204 Hans P 1 kopiëren.jpg

Hans-Peter Christen
(NL) Head of Finance

20171204ECF2-Pim 2 kopiëren.jpg

Pim Heijselaar
(NL) Assistant Controller

20171204Esther 1 kopiëren.jpg

Esther Claassen
(NL) Contract Administrator

blanco tbv site.JPG

Fund Development

20171205 Gunilla 1 kopiëren.jpg

Gunilla Redelius
(SE) Funding Officer

blanco tbv site.JPG

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board works closely with the management. Their responsibilities can be summarised as follows:

  • decide upon and evaluates the Foundation’s strategy, and prioritise its activities

  • evaluates the efficient use of the Foundation’s resources (approval of budget and Annual Report), and

  • appoint the Foundation’s Director, members of the Supervisory Board and the President

The Supervisory Board meets at least twice a year. It consists of a minimum of five and a maximum of twelve members, including a Treasurer, Chair and Vice-Chair. Both the Chair and the Vice-Chair act as the Foundation’s Vice-Presidents. The President is an Extraordinary Member of the Supervisory Board.

Members of the Supervisory Board are broadly representative of the wider Europe and of the disciplines and fields of activity related to our goals. They receive no remuneration for their activities on behalf of the Foundation but are entitled to reimbursement for the costs they incur in the performance of their duties. These reimbursements are listed and explained in the Annual Report.

Articles of Association of the European Cultural Foundation.

President - HRH Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands
President of ECF and Extraordinary Member of the Board

Chair - Christophe de Voogd (F)
Reader and researcher, Institute of Political Studies, France

Vice-Chair - Rien van Gendt (NL)
Member of the Board of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, New York

Treasurer - Rob Defares (NL)
Chief Executive Officer, IMC International Marketmakers Combination, The Netherlands



Isabel Alçada (PT), Writer, Counselor to the Presidentof the Republic, former Minister of Education, Portugal

Mária Hlavajová (SK), Artistic Director, BAK, Basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Nike Jonah (UK), Creative Producer, United Kingdom

James Kennedy (USA), Advisor representing Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, The Netherlands