Democracy Needs Imagination!

ECF Princess Margriet Award for Culture 2019

A little sneak peak at what's to come! We spoke to the jury of the ECF Princess Margriet Award for Culture and asked them to tell us a bit more about the prize - why do we need it, what does it do, and how does it spark our imagination.
The #EUSupergirl recently received a #DemocracyNeedsImagination grant from the European Cultural Foundation. We spoke to Madeleina Kay on her recent visit to Amsterdam about her vision for the future of Europe! Camera and edit: Remko Dekker (Bluewine)

6 part interview series:
New director André Wilkens and outgoing director Katherine Watson

Recorded at de Balie, Amsterdam. November 2018.

Part one: On the #EP2019 elections

Part two: On the story of Europe

Part three: On the the 2019 ECF year theme 'Democracy Needs Imagination'

Part five: On European futures

Part four: On culture as a space for conversation

Part six: The handover

Profiles of the 2018 ECF Princess Margriet Award for Culture Laureates

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Events related videos

In the run up to #EP2019 elections the European Cultural Foundation and the University of Amsterdam Centre for European Studies - - organised two events on political imagination. The first event focused on the spaces and narratives of the far-right in Europe.

ECF Princess Margriet Award for Culture 2018 - Award Ceremony 16 May 2018, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam.

On 16 May 2018, the European Cultural Foundation celebrates a decade of change through culture. The laureates of the 2018 award are cultural centre Borderland (PL) and multidisciplinary research agency Forensic Architecture (UK). The award will be presented at the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and includes a sum of € 25.000 per laureate.
The official aftermovie of the Idea Camp 2017. Edited by Fernando Bordeu of Madrid Destino. Idea Camp 2017 was a coproduction of the City of Madrid, Platoniq and ECF.

Connected Action for the Commons

ECF Director Katherine Watson took the opportunity to talk to Ana Méndez de Andés Aldama (Strategic Planning & International Advisor Culture and Sports Department, Madrid City Council) about the City of Madrid's progressive approach on cultural and urban related issues using participatory methods. 

ECF presents an interactive visualisation tool to grasp the contents, the growth, the interconnectedness and the outreach of the European-wide community 'Connected Action for the Commons'.

We have more videos around the theme of the Commons and from the Idea Camp on our dedicated YouTube playlists: 

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